If you have diabetes, it’s vital to care for your foot wounds immediately. Even the smallest of injuries can turn into dangerous foot ulcers – which can quite possibly lead to your foot or leg being amputated. Fortunately, preventing these problems is easy as long as you are vigilant and care for your foot or toe wounds promptly. 

Heavenly Foot Care is a mobile podiatry service that specialises in toe and foot wound care. Our team of expert foot care specialists can treat your feet right in the comfort of your own home. Reach out to our team today to schedule an appointment. 

What Causes Toe and Foot Wounds?

Your shoes are more important than you may think. Walking around in tight ill-fitted shoes can lead to a foot ulcer. Diabetes is a condition that cuts off blood supply to the feet, making it difficult to feel pain. Therefore, cuts and other wounds tend to go unnoticed by the body’s immune system. Even the smallest cut can develop into a life-threatening foot ulcer. 

Your doctor will be able to tell if you’ve lost blood supply to your feet. If your blood flow is normal, you can undergo normal wound treatments. But if your blood flow is abnormally low, you’ll need more aggressive treatment options.

One of the most common aggressive treatment options is bypass surgery. This is where they attach an artery directly to the affected area to encourage blood flow. 

What Are The Treatment Options?

If you or a loved one has injured a foot, schedule an appointment with your doctor right away. One thing you can do before going to the doctor is apply some antibacterial cream to keep the wound clean. 

Your foot or leg may be at stake, so best not to take any chances. Your doctor will be able to properly treat and clean your wound. They also can recommend home-based treatment methods to help manage your symptoms. 

After seeing your doctor, the best thing you can do is keep your wound clean, and monitor it closely. A podiatrist can help clean your wound and correspond with your doctor for any abnormalities.  

Also, try and keep as much weight off your foot as possible. This will help speed up the recovery process. A podiatrist can recommend certain shoes that will keep you comfortable during the healing process.

How To Prevent Foot Sores

Preventative care is always key when dealing with diabetic feet. Here are a few things you can do to protect your feet from ulcers:

  • Monitor Your Feet Closely – You can’t fight what you can’t see. Check your feet regularly to try and spot any wounds. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, any wound should be taken seriously.
  • Keep Them Clean – Poor foot hygiene can lead to heaps of health problems. Keep your feet clean to prevent infections or other dangerous complications. 
  • Choose The Right Shoes – Shoes can be your best friend or worst enemy when foot wound care. Always choose shoes that are cushioned and comfy. Avoid high-heels or overly right boots. 
  • Trim Your Nails – If you have diabetes, you should see your podiatrist have your nails trimmed. Cutting your nails will prevent injuries, which is vital for toe wound care. 

Heavenly Foot Care Can Keep Your Feet Safe!

Are you concerned about developing foot ulcers? We don’t blame you. Foot ulcers can be a nightmare and more importantly, are dangerous for your health. Heavenly Foot Care is a mobile podiatry service that can protect your feet from ulcers. Call (905) 931-9965 or email sherri@heavenlyfootcare.ca today to schedule an appointment.