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Corns are thick patches of skin that are commonly located on the feet. They are harmless but can be quite painful if pressure is applied – making it uncomfortable to walk or stand. If left uninterrupted, foot corns will go away eventually. However, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process. Heavenly Foot Care offers a mobile service that will help treat feet in the comfort of your own home. Our team of specialists will help improve the looks and comfort of your feet with our personalized foot care services. Call (905) 931-9965 to schedule a consultation. 

What Causes Corns On Feet?

Whenever there is an excessive amount of pressure or rubbing on a certain part of the foot (usually parts that don’t bear weight), the skin reacts by thickening and causing painful inflammation. The main culprit for causing foot corns is wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. 

A corn is typically formed where there are small joints in the foot. This is why they tend to form on the top side of the big toes and the sides of small toes. The body’s automatic response is to thicken the skin around the area of friction, and that’s when you get a corn or callus. 

There are three different types of foot corns:

  • Hard Corns – Dense areas of thick skin usually formed on the top of the big toes.
  • Soft Corns – Greyish rubbery patches of skin typically formed in between the toes. They are softened by sweat.
  • Seed Corns – Small corns found on the bottom of the feet.

Corns typically form in those who are on their feet often. You may be at risk of developing a corn if you do any of the following:

  • Excessive running or walking
  • Play high-impact sports
  • Have Bunions
  • Have any deformities in your feet

You must have shoes that fit the shape of your feet. If you’ve found that you’ve developed a foot corn, Heavenly Foot Care can help treat it and recommend the right shoes to help you feel more comfortable.

Foot Corns Treatment – Niagara Region

Living with foot corns can be quite painful and frustrating. Luckily you don’t need to wait for them to go away naturally. If you find yourself struggling with foot corns, reach out to Heavenly Foot Care and discover our cutting edge treatment options. 

Trimming Foot Corns

Trimming (aka paring down) foot corns is one of the most popular treatment options. Our specialist uses a scalpel blade to gently pare down the thickness of the foot corns. Removing the thick skin will help to reduce pain while walking. Allowing you to feel more comfortable as your foot corns naturally go away. After a few paring sessions, our specialist can recommend a better pair of shoes to prevent the skin from thickening again. 

Topical Treatments

Foot corns can also be treated using topical creams and other chemicals. Chemicals like salicylic acid remove the thick skin around foot corns, reducing pain and inflammation. It does this by removing keratin, which is a protein that forms around and on top of foot corns and calluses. 

These chemicals are usually harmless, but it’s important to have them applied by a professional. Heavenly Foot Care will be able to determine whether or not Salicylic acid is a suitable treatment for your feet. 

Switching Your Shoes

As mentioned above, ill-fitting shoes are what commonly cause foot corns. By switching to a pair of shoes that fit the shape of your feet, you will stop the pressure that causes foot corns to form and become irritated. We have worked with a wide variety of patients and different shapes of feet. Our team can recommend a pair of shoes to make you mobile and comfortable. 

If you’re an athlete, choosing the right shoes is vital for performance. If you have ill-fitting shoes on the playing field, you’re destined to form foot corns and calluses. A foot corn can take an athlete off the field for weeks. If you are an athlete and you’re experiencing foot corns, don’t hesitate to call us to schedule an appointment. 

Can Foot Corns Become Infected?

Yes, foot corns can become infected. Soft corns are formed in between the toes. Sweat tends to keep them moist which can allow for the possibility of infection. The best way to prevent infection is to have them treated by a professional and then keep them covered. 

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