There are numerous causes of ankle pain. The two main culprits are usually obesity and sports-related injuries. Dealing with ankle pain can be quite frustrating. Luckily, Heavenly Foot Care has designed a specialized mobile treatment to get your ankles back on track.

If you’ve injured your ankles on the playing field or during everyday activities, Heavenly Foot Care has got you covered. We treat all of our patients with personalized service to help reduce ankle pain and get them moving again.

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What Causes Ankle Pain?

Though they are small, feet have quite a complex bone structure. Each foot is equipped with 26 different bones that all work together to keep us moving and upright. All of the components of the foot (including the 30 different tendons and ligaments) distribute body weight to help us balance when we’re moving or standing.

Just the smallest amount of extra pressure can cause our ankles to twist, sprain, or even break. This occurs when too much weight is put on a specific tendon at the wrong angle, hence when you roll your ankle playing a sport or when tripping on uneven surfaces.

Arthritis can also cause ankle pain. Arthritis can wear down the joints around the ankle, causing them to weaken. This can happen over many years and can leave patients in a great deal of pain if left untreated.